Collision Layers (May be the wrong term)



So basically I have an object that I have set the collision mask to cover the entire screen, because that object needs to preform an operation anytime you click somewhere on the screen.

But I have icons on the screen for things like the menu and setting.

I was wondering how I could make it so that when I click on the icons it wont run that action for my main object?


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Why are you using an object for that? Couldn't you just use a global mouse pressed event instead?

You could create a new object and set it as the parent of all the menu objects. In the said event, detect if you're clicking on one of these instances. If yes, then continue with a menu operation, otherwise execute the regular operation.

var inst = instance_position(mouse_x, mouse_y, obj_MenuParent);
if (inst == noone) {
    // Regular operation
Menu operations can be handled in the corresponding objects. Hope that helps.

Zerb Games

I would do a simple variable.

Make a variable called window_focus.

then if mouse_box(//over button) {freeze = true} else {freeze = false}

For separate menus/windows
Then in the code do something like: if window_focus = "menu1" && mouse_box(21,21,48,48) && mouse_check_pressed(mb_left) {//event}

Here's mouse_box:
/// mouse_box(x,y,w,h)

return (mouse_x>=argument0 && mouse_y>=argument1 && mouse_x<argument0+argument2 && mouse_y<argument1+argument3 /*&& window_busy="" && popup_ani_type=""*/)