GMS 2 Collision Issues



Hi all,

I have been following Heartbeast's rpg video tutorials (specifically, on this video @ this time stamp) and noticed that in GMS1, this portion of the interface is pretty different. In the video, it looks as though you define collision properties on the objects, rather than what GMS2 seems to do and have you define these collision points on the sprites themselves. Also, GMS2 utilizes layers, rather than density, correct?

My issues lie in that despite properly (I believe) defined collisions boxes around my sprites (spr_player_down & spr_wall), the character is colliding with the walls at a much greater distance than expected, and only seems to be effecting the top, right, and bottoms sides of the player, while the left side of the player is behaving normally.

I've gone back (with the other animations added) and made sure all of the collision boxes are the same (as well as the origin points), but can't seem to tackle this issue. Are these events handled differently in GMS2 from GSM1?

If you need any other information from me to alleviate this issue, please let me know!! Thanks.

(Also, 1st post, hehe.)