Windows Collection Of 50 Work In Progress Games (Retro Style)


As part of a project, I attempted to make 50 retro-style games in 50 days.

I completed the project, though it did take more than 50 days. On average, each game took about 5 hours to make, which included time taken to research & play the original games, planning, sourcing & formatting graphics and audio, programming, creating the games, uploading & updating the website.

The 50 games are:
Tank Trax - Space Invaders
Sokoban - Jeepers Creepers
Rock, Paper, Scissors - Frogger
Blitz - Missile Command
Asteroids - Boulder Dash
Horrace Goes Skiing - Pitfall
MicroMachines - River Raid
Centipede - Operation Wolf
Tron - Snake
Paperboy - Brick
Commando - DuckHunt
Daley Thompson Decathlon - Pong
Jet Pack - Death Chase
Bomber Man - Bubble Bobble
Pengo - Krazy Golf
Xevious - Ghost ‘n’ Goblins
Air & Sea - Rainbow Island
Chuckie Egg - Chopper Command
Combat - ET
Grand Prix - Joust
Stampede - Kaboom!
Cosmic Ark - Hangman
Sea - Quest Outlaw
Barnstorming - Moon Patrol
Fishing Derby - Commando Raid

You can download all games In Zip Here (approx 170MB):
In GMZ format.
I'd love to know which 5 you think are the best and deserve dedicating more time to.
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Marco Dyziek

Any alternate link to the files? I bought the "book" long ago, but the link was suspended then already.