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The Collaboration forum is where you can show off your portfolio of work, or where you can request someone for a paid position as part of a team. All posts here are moderated meaning that they will not show up until a member of staff approves them, and all posts require that you add a PREFIX to show what kind of topic you are making. Please note that if you are not offering a paid position then you should use the "Team Request" prefix, otherwise select an appropriate prefix for the job on offer. If your topic is rejected, then you will receive an alert to notify you of the fact and the reasons behind the decision.

Job adverts or Team Requests solely for porting of games to other platforms are not permitted, nor are requests for programmers, artists, etc... to work on games made in any engine other than GameMaker.

Please do not bump your topics more than once per month to grant a chance for everyone to have their topic noticed. (Posts which showcase recent work or notify about notable changes in availability for the foreseeable future are exempt from this.)

General forum rules and guidelines apply too.

DISCLAIMER: YoYo Games and associates are not responsible for disputes including, but not limited to, agreements and transactions. This is done entirely at your own risk. Moderators will not be able to offer resolution or advice in any situation.
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