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Asset - Extension Coding tools + extra data structures

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by barnack, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. barnack

    barnack Guest

    Here's a little set of scripts which will help you working with variables. There are some extra type checks, extended type checking to arrays, plus two extra data structures (ds_set and ds_sorted_list) and an alternative array sorting algorithm.
    Marketplace link: click here
    My website with complete description: click here
    Hope you enjoy!

    Note: the programs and games you can find in my website use content from this library, plus from another complex library i will publish "soon", which is basically all-you-need for a default UI (like what you'd do with WinApi). If you're curious give a check to information: click here
  2. barnack

    barnack Guest

    create an array with passed values
    array_create(val1, val2, ...)

    create an array from a string and vice-versa
    also supports arrays containing reals and not only chars/strings)

    Theese scripts will be added to the package asap, probably the 10th Genuary
  3. barnack

    barnack Guest

    some bugs on data structures has been fixed
    added arrays, strings, and queue extra scritps
  4. Lycanphoenix

    Lycanphoenix Guest

    Looking forward to this.
  5. barnack

    barnack Guest

    going to add more array functions within tomorrow:

    all "to string" things are supposed to be used only for debugging reasons to rapidly check spmething's content.

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