Released Code: Evolved - White Wolf 2


A dark sci-fi story about life, evolution, experiments and creatures made of pure life energy.

Sequel to White Wolf

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The story revolves around experiment performed on animals with crystallized life energy. Crystals can cause violent evolution, permanent physical pain, and mental instability on every creature that came in contact with the crystal. The player is in the role of Semidori wolf or Semidori owl which are constantly visited by a mysterious creature that calls himself a Dreamwallker.


Radnja: U pitanju je eksperiment nad zivotinjama pomocu kristalizovane zivotne energije koja moze izazvati nasilnu evoluciju u svim zivim bicima. A sama nasilna evolucija moze u zivotinjama izazvati trajnu fizicku bol, kao i mentalnu nestabilnost. Igrac je u ulozi Semidori vuka (ili sove) koje konstantno posecuje misticno bice koje sebe pretstavlja kao Dreamwalker.

The game content:
  • 2 playable characters
  • 20 big stages open for exploration (10 for each character)
  • 18 weapons (9 for each character)
  • Many boss fights
  • Immersive story
  • Joystick support and map function
  • Over 30 cheat codes
Level up your character, Explore many stages and find out the dark side of evolution!
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Game is still in a very early stage of development but here are few Code: Evolved - White Wolf 2 screenshots for you :)

Plans for this game? I'm hoping to release a DEMO with 3 playable stages by the end of the year. The game as a whole will be much larger than White Wolf 1, all complaints about White Wolf are fixed (map function added, joystick mapping, larger story...). I don't know when full version of the game will be released but I'm aiming for a next year.
In the meantime, you can check out White Wolf 1 on


Not gonna lie dude, very eager to play this. Although from the screenshots and videos, the character seems a bit stiff. Not by controls, but by the movement and animation. Just a birds eye opinion.
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Not gonna lie dude, very eager to play this. Although from the screenshots and videos, the character seems a bit stiff. Not by controls, but by the movement and animation. Just a birds eye opinion.
Thank you :) I'm still learning to make good animations. The game is still in an early stage of development so there is a room for improvements. Also video quality is very low. The game looks much better. Thank you for the feedback :)



SVIslika - Copy.png


Code: Evolved is officially 2 months in development. The game is starting to get the shape and now is time to announce the differences between this and White Wolf game.

  • Bigger world to explore. Even though Code: Evolved have 4 stages less than White Wolf, stages will be much, much bigger. They are so large that I needed to include map function.
  • Getting stronger: In White Wolf, you could find different talismans that will increase your strength, Hp … That is longer not the case. Now you will get EXP points by killing enemies, and with EXP you can unlock new powers and increase status (directly into inventory). Don’t worry though. There will be much more things to find into stages itself :)
  • A new race of enemies / characters. There are 3 types of enemies in White Wolf: Semidori, Midori, and Chimeras. Code: Evolved will introduce new races like Dreamwalkers and Eradicators (Mecha Semidories). Also, the player will be able to control Owl Semidori in few segments of the story.
  • Animated intros: This time story will be told in small animated cut scenes in few places through the game.
  • 2 languages are added: English and Serbian

Besides all that there are of course few minor changes like dying no longer leads to the title screen, You can attack down even if your Hp is not full, Joystick mapping, more save slots …

I’m working hard to release 3 stage demo by the end of the year. In the mean time try out White Wolf game and see you all with more news soon :)


Code: Evolved je zvanicno 2 meseca u izradi. Igra je konacno pocela da poprima oblik i vreme je da nabrojim razlike izmedju ove i White Wolf igre.

  • Veci svet za istrazivanje. Iako Code: Evolved ima 4 kruga manje od White Wolf, krugovi ce biti mnogo veci. Zbog same velicine krugova morao sam da uvedem i sistem sa mapama.
  • Jacanje: U White Wolf igrici mogli ste naci razne talismane po krugovima koji su vam povecavali snagu, Hp …. To vise nije slucaj. Sada cete ubijanjem neprijatelja dobijati EXP poene koje mozete iskoristiti u inventar za otkljucavanje novih moci i jacanje raznih statusa. Ne brinite, bice jos mnogo predmeta za nalazenje u samim krugovima :)
  • Nove rase likova / neprijatelja. U White Wolf igri postojale su 3 rase: Semidori, Midori i Himere. U Code: Evolved uvedene su nove rase poput Dreamwalkera i Eradikatora (Mecha Semidori). Takodje igrac ce moci da igra sa Owl Semidoriem na par mesta tokom igre.
  • Animirani introi: Ovoga puta prica ce biti ispricana pomocu par animiranih introa koji ce se naci na nekoliko mesta u igri.
  • Uvedena su 2 jezika: Engleski i Srpski

Pored ovoga poboljsao sam jos par manjih stvari kao sto su: Game Over ekran vas vise ne izbacuje na pocetak igre, pijenje krvi iz flase ne ometa napadanje protivnika, uvedeno je dzojstik mapiranje dugmica, umesto jednog postoje 5 save slota …

Radim sto vise mogu da bih otpremio demo sa 3 kruga do kraja godine. U medjuvremenu probajte White Wolf igricu i vidimo se uskoro sa novim vestima :)


Tek sam sada skužio .rs nastavi sa dobrim radom.
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Code: Evolved will have chapter selection screen just like White Wolf. But this time when you finish the stage you directly go to the next one (not on the character selection screen).

screenshot100.png screenshot101.png screenshot102.png screenshot103.png


Since Code: Evolved stages are big areas, stages will be divided into 2 smaller parts to break potential over-saturation.
For example, laboratory will have roof part and indoor part :)

screenshot100 (8).png screenshot102 (2).png screenshot104 (2).png


A new stage for Code: Evolved demo! I think it has nice atmosphere :) Also an old enemy Brain-slime midori is here :)




Code: Evolved small changes

Since I released first LABORATORY screenshots for Code: Evolved game, I received many negative reactions via mail. Many fans of White Wolf game complained that they played the game because they wanted to explore a dark, phantasy places. Not realistic sci-fi laboratories. And I agreed with that. So... it's time for me to change some things in Code: Evolved. The story will be mostly unchanged but all 10 stages will be set in dark fantasy environments. The player will be able to see the realistic environment and laboratory only in cut scenes and intro sequences. I am working hard to release 3 stage demo by the end of the year :) In the meantime check out Ever Growing + Level editor on official page and see you soon with more Code: Evolved news! :)

Od kada sam otpremio prve slike laboratorije za Code: Evolved igricu dobio sam gomilu negativnih mejlova. Fanovi White Wolf igrice smatraju da je najbolje da beli vuk istrazuje misticne, mracne, mastovite predele a ne realisticne laboratorije. I ja se potpuno slazem sa time. Tako da ... vreme je da se uvedu promene u Code: Evolved igrici. Prica ce uglavnom ostati nepromenjena ali svih 10 nivoa ce se nalaziti na misticnim, fantazijskim lokacijama. Jedini trenuci kada ce igrac moci da vidi realne predele i laboratoriju jeste u introima. Radim punom parom na Code: Evolved demou koji bi trebao biti otpremljen do kraja godine. U medjuvremenu probajte Ever Growing + Level editor na zvanicnoj stranici i vidimo se uskoro sa novim Code: Evolved vestima! :)


Hey, I love the art style pal! I very much would like to play this ~
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Introducing Code Evolved first stage for Semidori Owl ( an additional playable character with his own story, special abilities, and stages) ... and few small Midori Spiders.

Introducing CodeEvolved first stage for Semidori Owl... and few small Midori Spiders WIP.png


Code: Evolved - WEAPON SYSTEM

========================== EN ==========================

It is time to reveal weapon system in Code: Evolved game :) Weapons in Code: Evolved will be handled a little differently from White Wolf game. To demonstrate the differences in weapon system between this two games I will make a small list.
  1. White Wolf - Weapons are found in the stages. Code: Evolved - Player can unlock new weapons by spending EXP points in POWERS section of the inventory.
  2. White Wolf - You can equip every weapon you find, and every weapon has a special ability. Code: Evolved - There is only one main weapon and player can not change it. But the player can equip any special ability that he has unlocked in inventory.
  3. White Wolf / Code: Evolved - Every special use Mp.
  4. White Wolf - Player can not attack under water (unless he has equipped harpoon). Code: Evolved - Player can attack with every weapon underwater.
It is worth knowing that Owl Semidori and Wolf Semidori have their own weapon and their own set of abilities. These changes are added so the player can have more freedom of which weapon will unlock and equip first. This can add a replay value and hopefully this system will not disappoint players of a White Wolf game. As for the demo delay, a reason for that is an additional playable character. Wolf Semidori stages for the demo are done, but I decided to add at least one stage for Owl Semidori as well. Working hard on releasing a demo as soon as I can. Until then have fun and see you all soon! :)

========================== SR ==========================

Vreme je da napisem nesto o oruzjima u Code: Evolved igri :) Postoji nekoliko bitnih razlika u oruzjima izmedju Code: Evolved i White Wolf igre. Da bi lakse pokazao te razlike napravicu kratku listu.
  1. White Wolf - Oruzja se nalaze u krugovima. Code: Evolved - Igrac moze otkljucati nova oruzja pomocu EXP poena u POWERS kartici u inventaru.
  2. White Wolf - Mozete opremiti bilo koje oruzje koje nadjete i svako od njih ima specialni napad. Code: Evolved - Postoji samo jedno glavno oruzje i igrac ga ne moze menjati. Ali moze opremiti bilo koji special koji je otkljucao.
  3. White Wolf / Code: Evolved - Svaki special trosi Mp.
  4. White Wolf - Igrac ne moze napadati pod vodom (osim ako ne koristi harpun). Code: Evolved - Igrac moze napadati pod vodom bilo kojim oruzjem / specialom.
Treba naglasiti da Owl Semidori i Wolf Semidori imaju svoj set oruzja i speciala. Ove promene su dodate da bi igrac imao vise slobode pri odabiru speciala. Ovaj sistem bi trebao dodati na igrivosti i nadam se da nece razocarati igrace White Wolf igrice. Sto se kasnjenja demoa tice, razlog za to je dodatni lik za igranje. Wolf Semidori krugovi za demo su zavrseni ali sam odlucio da dodam makar jedan krug sa Owl Semidori likom. Radim sto vise mogu da bi otpremio demo sto pre. A u medjuvremenu probajte preostale MMM igre i vidimo se uskoro! :)

screenshot100.png screenshot101.png screenshot102.png


Code: Evolved DEMO is coming out by the end of this week. And here is a list of things that you can expect to see in this DEMO:

- 3 Semidori Wolf stages (out of 10)
- 1 Semidori owl stage (out of 10)
- 6 wolf and 3 owl weapons (out of 9 wolves and 9 owl weapons)
- 4 bosses for wolf and 1 boss for owl stage
- Joystick support and map function

See you all soon with a Code: Evolved demo and until then try out some of my other games on :)

03.png 01.png 02.png 04.png 05.png