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Question - IDE Code editor cheat sheet to change colour/font to same as GM1?


The colours and font in the code editor appear much more readable to me in GM1 over GM2.

Does anybody have a cheat sheet of sort so I can change all the colours/font so that it's the same as GM1?

I could do the colours by eye I guess but I read these settings are stored in a project file so it would be good if there was a file somebody has made that I can just drop into my project folder.



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Not sure if anyone did this yet, but here are all colors used (with hex codes):
█ c0c0c0
█ 71b8ff
█ 8080ff
█ 8fef8f
█ 8080ff
█ 71b8ff
█ ff8080
█ 8080ff
█ 222222
█ 444444
█ c0c0c0
█ cc9999
█ 333333
█ 0000ff
█ 9999cc
█ 000080


I thought that way at first, but I quickly got used to the new color scheme after a few hours.

Still, it'd be nice if there was an easy way to switch color preferences as a collection. I would like for that to be supported. Although, for sake of familiarity when sharing screen shots of my code with other people, I don't know that I'd change mine from the standard colors.


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The code editor is not a standalone app and setting a syntax theme that is wildly different from the program's theme is not going to be aesthetically pleasing (in my opinion)... Though I agree that hand-picking a few that do look good could be nice, and also that we need import/export of code editor colors. File a suggestion for this... so no one forgets


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Yeah, not gonna add in multiple ones to select from, not sure why you'd ever need that. But an import/export is possible....one day.