Code: Creation - White Wolf 3



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Genre: Action Platformer
Platforms: Windows, Linux
Language: English, Serbian


White Wolf 3 is a sequel to White Wolf 1 and Code: Evolved (both games can be found on Go through three chapters (linear stages - each with a different wolf) and defeat the one wolf that started all.


Few years after Code: Evolved event...
First Semidori Wolf is captured and cloned over and over again...
so that an army of Neo Semidories can be created...
This process used so much Life Energy that only the strongest creatures could survive...
To make matters worse, the cloned wolf started evolving and losing his mind in the process...

It got to a point that the only way to stop him is to kill him...
And the only creatures that are strong enough to do that are three Neo Semidori Wolfs.
He is getting stronger by the seconds, so there is no much time left...
If these three Neo Semidories can't kill him the world is doomed...

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GameJolt (Windows / Linux) (Windows / Linux)

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Code: Creation - White Wolf 3 - Chapter 2 (out of three) is now in development. Ride on the back of a giant flying Midori snake and then dive in a cold lake full of traps in distant mountains!

Code: Creation - White Wolf 3 DEMO is available now on the official page (with and Game Jolt page links).

DEMO contains the whole first chapter for Windows and Linux, so try it out and tell me what you think. Every feedback is welcome :)

Also, check out the new MMM Games merch design - Code: Creation - White Wolf 3 - Neo Semidori Wolf :)

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Code: Creation - White Wolf 3 - Chapter 3 (final chapter) is now in development. This chapter is full of death traps and underwater battles. After Chapter three I will start working on additional modes.

After you beat all three chapters 2 additional pages will be available on the chapter selection screen: Encyclopedia (lore of the White Wolf world) and enemy list (list of all enemies and bosses in White Wolf 3 with some additional info).

Every chapter can also be beaten with no death medal (beat chapter without dying once). And depending on how many death medals you have (max three) you will unlock additional gameplay modes.

One death medal - White Wolf 1 classic mode
There are no Evo orbs in the stages, but instead, there are Hp+, Atk+, Weapon+, and Wings+ orbs (like in White wolf 1) which means that you can't select what abilities will you lv up. You can lv up only Abilities that you find in the stage.

Two death medals - Owl mode
You will play the chapter with Owl Semidori. Owl Semidori can't lv up abilities at all. You must beat the chapter whit what you are given at the start.

Three death medals - Junsuina mode
You will play like Junsuina Semidori Wolf which means that all your abilities will be at max lv.

The game should be done by the end of this year. More news will come soon. For now, you can check out Code: Creation - White Wolf 3 demo.


GameJolt (Windows / Linux) (Windows / Linux)
Official page


Also, check out the new MMM Games merch design - Code: Creation - White Wolf 3 - Neo Semidori Wolf :)