Free Code: Creation - White Wolf 3 full game is finally released!


Code: Creation - White Wolf 3 full game is finally released!

- INFO -

Genre: Action Platformer
Platforms: Windows, Linux
Language: English, Serbian


White Wolf 3 is a sequel (and the last part in White Wolf trilogy) to White Wolf 1 and Code: Evolved (both games can be found on ).


Few years after Code: Evolved event...
First Semidori Wolf is captured and cloned repeatedly, so an army of Neo Semidories can be created... This process used so much Life Energy that only the strongest creatures could survive... To make matters worse, the cloned wolf started evolving and losing his mind in the process...

It got to a point that the only way to stop him is to kill him...
And the only creatures that are strong enough to do that are three Neo Semidori Wolfs. He is getting stronger by the seconds, so there is no much time left... If these three Neo Semidories can't kill him the world is doomed...


White Wolf 3 is an action platformer and it consists out of three chapters (each playable with a different wolf). Each chapter can be beaten regularly or with No Death (which will unlock new playable modes).

Additional modes are:

White Wolf classic mode - Instead of Evo crystals that will grant you experience points, you will find Hp Up, Pow Up, Crystallization Up, and Wings Up crystals. That means that the only way for you to get stronger is to collect crystals you find in the stage.

Owl mode - You play as Neo Semidori Owl with a predetermined set of statistics and only one main weapon. You can't get stronger through the chapter. So this is essentially the hard mode.

Junsuina mode - Your statistics are on max Lv. However, you cant heal yourself. This is an easy mode, but you can get killed if you take too much damage. This mode is more like a reward at the end of the game so you can beat the full game once again, but this time destroying everything in your path easily.


Short dark story
Three different playable characters
Four different game mods
Melancholic atmosphere


GameJolt (Windows / Linux) (Windows / Linux)
Official page


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