GMS 2.3+ Code Copying, Deleting, and Pasting in Scripts

Recently I updated to the most recent part of GameMaker. Before this problem occurred, I already had 2.3, but the most recent update caused this error to happen. Basically, whenever I go into my code the functions within my code duplicate themselves and cause compile errors due to code duplication. I'm not duplicating the code myself, the system itself is doing it which I have no clue as to why. I've tried deleting the scripts and recreating them to see if the problem would be solved but found no luck. I've looked over the 2.3 update description and the different additions to see if there was something I was missing but didn't find anything. From what I know, there's nothing pointing out what is causing this and I was wondering if anyone could help tell me why. I've attached a photo of what it looks like for one of my duplicated scripts. Any answers please let me know, thank you!



Raccoon Jam Host
if you duplicated the script resource
the .yy file could be duplicated and such is causing the duplicated code