Asset - Extension Cloud services using Gamdato API(Online Leaderboards, Cloud saving, Achievements & more)(FREE)

Download: DOWNLOAD FOR GMS2.3+

Gamedato offers a set of cloud services for game maker developers, this asset includes different scripts to send and recive data from an API. You can manage all the offered services using a friendly web portal.

Create an account on and see all the documentation of how to connect your game to the API step by step. The site contains tutorials and information of each function on this example file.


  • Online leaderboards
  • Achievements
  • Cloud saving
  • Player management
This extension will be improved in the future, we plan to add more services and take care all the suggestions of the people. This extension is an earlier version, so if you have some bugs or another kind of issue, please report it.

The web portal allows you to:

  • Registry games
  • Create and manage Leaderboards(Specify: size, order, etc..)
  • See all players using your game(Nickname and last activity)
  • See all submitted scores(You can submit more information besides the name and score)
  • Create and manage Achievements
About the system

When a player opens the game, the server will generate an unique ID and a name. If the connection to server is established correctly, tha player is able to send requests like: changing name, submit score, save/load cloud information, unlock achievements and more.

For more information visit: