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Afternoon all,

I am fairly new to GML but have been working with someone one on one to try and learn the right way to do things from the outset. My current support is unavailable for the next week, which coincidentally, and unfortunately, is when I have time off!

With that in mind I am looking for someone to help me out over the next 3-4 days by pointing me in the right direction, looking over some of my code and generally giving me a helping hand so as to reduce waste. I am working on a side on platformer, of sorts, and next on my list of tasks is the following:
- Enemy with simple back and forth movement, line of sight and a follow pattern
- Projectiles, player and enemy
- UI

I have a few other bits I would like to get done in the next few days, too, but if I can get the foundations done for the above I will be content.

So, if anyone is interested please let me know your experience, price and availability!


N.B. Please note that I am on BST (GMT + 1).
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Aaron Kendrick

Same. I sent a PM.
If anyone else wants tutoring, contact me ^ - ^


Thank you for the interest. all. I have now filled the job.