Job Offer - Programmer Closed: Shader/effects programmer wanted




I'm currently looking for a programmer to help implement shader effects.

I need to implement bloom and motion blur fx for my game; while most shader tutorials/packs I've gotten my hands on are simple to implement, most I've come across just apply to the entire surface.
I need the following:
  • a motion blur to a sprite, during certain actions without applying the blur to the entire background and sprites; and
  • a bloom or gaussian blur to some lights here and there.
I do have a few years of computer programming experience, but since I'm also stuck doing the art and music for the game I don't have the time and honestly I don't have the energy to tackle this.
If this is something that interests you, just reply with your price. Keep in mind this is an indie game.
Also my game is greenlit, so you'll receive credit under whatever name or moniker you'd like as a PostFX programmer.

I might also need someone later on for controller configurations in order to implement the Steam controller, but that'll have to wait until after I get my Steam controller and finish with the whole greenlight thing. If you only have experience in shaders/visual fx implementation, don't worry about the configuration thing, that's for the future. Also, here's a screenshot, as you can see, no bloom or motion blur :-(

You can contact me via PM here, if you have any questions just reply to this thread, I'm also willing to implement readily made shaders if you've already created them and then pay to have them modified for my needs if that's more convenient.