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Portfolio - Art (CLOSED) Pixel/Concept Artist

Discussion in 'Collaboration' started by MyDude, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. MyDude

    MyDude Guest

    (I will check tomorrow to see if anybody has sent me anything)

    Hey I'm an artist that is looking to make some art for anyone that sends me an interesting idea, and meets the conditions below.

    Note: Don't be offended if I don't choose your idea

    1. Has to be a character (human, creature, beast, etc.)
    2. Won't animate anything to detailed
    3. Not looking to join a team
    4. If I make art for you, I only require that you credit me and allow me to show the artwork in my portfolio
    5. Show me how the art is being used (not necessary but it'd help motivate me to do more art)
    6. Patience with me since I'm new to this kind of thing

    Now for some of my art

    001.jpg Sprite of a Design:
    android 128x128.jpg
    More Designs(a bit older):
    002.jpg 003.jpg Diablo 2 Mob.jpg

    Contact Info:

    Email/PM must contain the following

    1. (If you want me to design a character for you) Description of the character such as their habitat, background, occupation, mood, or anything that would influence their appearance
    2. Any reference material that will help me see what it is you want (this includes the style of the art)
    3. Sprite size
    4. If you just want concept art (if not stated I'll just assume you want me to convert it to pixel art)
    When I start making the art I will reply back to you stating that I've started working on it

    Email : mydudeart@gmail.com
    or PM me

    Looking forward to getting involved in the community!
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  2. JacobV

    JacobV Member

    Aug 16, 2016
    Worked with this guy to make a pretty awesome sprite for my game. Fast, free, and looks great, so I'd definitely recommend them!
  3. PM you looking forward to hearing from you btw those should be pixel sprites please.
  4. Jamsawamsa

    Jamsawamsa Member

    Apr 24, 2017
    Dropped you an email. Cheers!
  5. Thunder Lion

    Thunder Lion Guest

    Im looking for someone to do some art work for me! Im interested in your talent, and good thing too is im only looking for 16x16 single color sprite art and a maximum 2 frames for animations (where applicable) please PM if you are interested!!!

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