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Job Offer - Programmer [Closed] Non-Consumable IAP source code needed - Mobile project [paid]


Hey there,

I am looking for a simple source code, compatible with the latest version of GMS2 that can properly initiate and perform the following functionality:

1. IAP button - That can make the defined IAP work with the app store (e.g. be able to call a function in case of success, or return the appropriate message in case there is an issue).
2. Restore IAP button - That can check if that non-consumable IAP has been made in the past, and restore it (e.g. be able to call a function if it has been).

I should be able to copy the code(s) in my project and replace the game specific information to make it work. You could give me an empty project with these functionalities, add it to my project directly, or share with me your own project; I am flexible with the delivery medium with whatever is the least expensive

300x0w.png .

I need it for iOS mobile projects, but bonus points if it works for iOS as well as Android. I have tried reading the articles to do it myself but I think I am doing something wrong somewhere as the output is not completely reliable and consistent.

Please contact me (PM here, or mail to: viking.potato@gmail.com) if you can do it, or if you already have it. Please mention the price as well.

Thanks and regards,