Team Request [CLOSED] Looking for GML programmer for 2D melee game


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Hello! My name is Iodine. I am working on a so-far unnamed project with an artist and am searching for an intermediate-level/hobbyist programmer to add the final piece to the puzzle.
I am a musician, sound FX designer and (hobbyist) game designer. With the addition of my artistic partner, we have everything... except programming.
I myself have a basic understanding of GML and code in general, so working with me shouldn't be too frustrating!

Our game can be described, although shallowly, in one sentence; "It's a game about animals hitting each other with swords."
As far as gameplay goes, it's sort of a mix between "Nidhogg" and "For Honor".
We currently want to just get the character controller completed, and can expand from there into other, broader and more ambitious ideas. (PvP, Singleplayer)

- An understanding of GameMaker Studio 1.4 or 2, and respectively, GML, to a reasonable level.

- Interest in Historical Europe/European warfare.
- Interest in melee games, such as Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, War Of The Roses, Nidhogg, For Honor, etc, (Any game with an in-depth, skill based combat system).
- A love for what you do!
Task Examples:
- implementing the melee combat system
- programming AI
- bug-fixing/tidying code
- networking

And other programming related tasks that arise as development progresses.
I set the thread pre-fix to "Team Request", because I'd rather talk to people and work something out later. The current artist is working for a cut of royalties, but understandably lots of programmers do not work under these terms, so I am totally willing to negotiate with any that are interested!

I hope to talk to you soon! You should either reply to this thread or email me at if interested!

Have a good day.
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