Team Request [CLOSED] Looking for a GML programmer.



Hello! My name is Andy, I am working on a game, with two artists and a community manager, I'm looking for an intermediate-level programmer.
I'm a programmer myself, but I'm currently very busy with many different aspects, and I'm also the game designer and the idea maker.

The game basically is a 2D melee combat PvP Multiplayer, and survival-based, some aspects were inspired from Minecraft and Pixel Worlds.
And I'm a programmer myself, I have a medium understanding of GML, so it won't be hard working with me.
I have already layed out the basic things, (Movement, and physics), but they need some improvements.

- An intermediate-level understanding of GameMaker Studio and GML.

Task examples :

- Networking.
- Bug-fixing.
- Implementing melee PvP.

Contact me :

If you're interested in this request you can email me at , or send me a direct message in Discord Anikken#2475 .

Have a good day.
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