Portfolio - Programming [Closed] Experienced GML Programmer for Hire

About me:

My name is Isaiah, I'm 18 and I've been coding with Game Maker since ~2016 and consider myself experienced at doing so.
I pride myself in completing all of my work as swiftly and professionally as possible.

  • Loose time restrictions:
    • As I said before I always try to complete any programming jobs as swiftly as possible, however I am still a high school student so depending on the task and the day that may be a little longer than usual...
  • Credit:
    • I would obviously like to be credited in some way for helping in the project.
My Pros:
  • Menus/Title screens/General UI:
    • I've done several different title screens, menus, settings, and UI before. I'd undoubtedly say it's my strongest suit. I always try to design (unless a design is provided to me) and program the most unique and functional UI that I can!
  • Top View games:
    • I'd definitively say I specialize in top view games, because it's my favorite style of 2D game to create. I can do other styles as well, but top view is surely my favorite.
My Cons:
  • Mobile Games:
    • I will not program for mobile. If you'd like me to program something for you that you will then port to mobile on your own then that is fine, however, I do not have mobile exports and I will not attempt to program for them.
  • Physics:
    • I rarely work with physics, so I would severely recommend against choosing me to program physics systems for you.
(Anything I didn't mention here I am probably average at)

Some Work Examples:
  • Build menu I created per request:
  • Randomly Generated World:

  • Login Screen:

  • UI Showcase (These are all from the same game):
  • Player Statistics Screen (this one was incomplete):

  • Older Settings Menu:


I exclusively work on PayPal. If you for some reason absolutely cannot use PayPal then we can discuss other methods privately.
I will not accept rev-shares, unless you're a part of a previously successful team and your game has promise. I (among many others I'm sure) do not like depending on a game to be successful in order to get paid.
I do not have a fixed pay rate, but I am willing to work for cheap. I can work by the hour or single payments which ever works best for you.
I don't do this as a full time job so I can work for (almost) any price (I won't do it if it's ridiculously low)

Usually I work freelance, however if you have a cool project and you'd like me to join as a full time member of your team I'd happily consider!


I wouldn't be surprised if I forgot to mention something here, so if you have any questions for me. Or you want my work then you can contact me from here:
- Discord: Canine#7900
- Email: IsCaseDev@gmail.com
I prefer Discord as I respond quicker there, but either works fine.
(or you can contact me through the forms, but I would much rather one of the other two methods...)

Thank you for reading, and I hope I can be of service!
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