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Job Offer - Web [CLOSED] Cowbelly Studios is in need of GMS2 Networking guy


Hi guys! So I found myself lucky enough to be the lead dev of a new game by Cowbelly Studios. The web version of the game is almost done, but we're not stopping there. Cowbelly wanted to continue development into iOS and Android stores, and we are in need of a guy who has experience setting up API's for both Android and iOS such as payments, leaderboards, cloud saves, analyics, etc. as well as being able to set up our server for multiplayer game modes. Your main role will be to focus on these areas while I focus on the game itself. It could potentially be long term depending on how you arrange with Cowbelly. Requirements are as follows:

-has previously successfully done the above mentioned tasks before
-able to communicate thru voice on discord

Take a look at the game here:

It's only one month into development but the community seems to like it.

Thank guys I hope you find yourselves a nice opportunity here!