Job Offer - Audio [CLOSED] 13 track 8-bit NES Science Fiction "Action" RPG Soundtrack


I am looking for a musician to compose a 13 track soundtrack for my science fiction action RPG. The game is, while not strictly so, meant to follow many of the restrictions of the NES. So, I need someone who can compose appropriate 8-bit music, with a significant preference going to those who can compose in actual NSF/NSFE format.

EDIT: The game itself plays like an action RPG somewhere between the controls of the original Legend of Zelda, Link to the Past, and Crystalis. Despite being an 'action' RPG, the game is fairly slow and is more like if you were playing SimEarth but from the perspective of individual humans. The ultimate goal is to terraform a planet - Kasei, which is also the name of the game - to make it habitable for humans (there is an alternate path to restore Kasei's original ecosystem and adapt to it).

I am not very musically inclined, so I have some difficulty in expressing exactly what I want with each track. I give examples of NES titles where possible, but in no way do I want copies, remixes, what-have-you of those tracks. They are just there as a pointer in the right direction. Also, this game, despite being in the format of an action RPG, is actually much slower. So, even though I give examples of some pretty fast paced music under each track, in almost every case something slower would be more appropriate. The Lagrange point soundtrack is one of my favorite of all time, and it uses the VRC7 chip for its music. This is the level of fidelity I would like. All tracks except for the introduction should loop.

If you would like to submit a bid for this job offer, please email me at This is something of a budget project, please keep that in mind when making an offer. Also, I have only done this once before (but with art), and I definitely find it much easier to pick among various applicants if they provided a sprite or two done according to my specifications. If you would like to, it would be helpful if you include a short (<30 secs) snippet of how you would compose one of these tracks (let's say track 6 so that anyone who composes a sample will do so with the same track). You are not required to do this, but it certainly is easier for me to gauge whose work I think will fit with a sample than if I have to go through two dozen portfolios. Also, preference would be given to anyone willing to commit to additional tracks at an agreed upon flat rate should the need for more tracks arise. Target date for the completion of the game is Dec 2017.

Thanks for your time! Track list follows.

Track List

1. Introduction
The game involves not-humans leaving the not-Earth they have destroyed to go and settle on not-Mars. The introduction lays this out and is supposed to be melancholic. Lagrange Point's Theme of Isis is the sort of tone I was thinking. Should be roughly 1 minute long, the first 20 seconds (the ruins of not-Earth) of which should be the most melancholic, while the remaining 40 seconds (the journey to not-Humanity's new home) a bit more hopefully.

2. Title Theme/Void Theme
The title screen simply has stars scrolling by behind the name of the game and a couple of menu options. This should be as minimal as possible and suggest the vastness of space. Will also be used for portions of the game where the player is in space. Perhaps something like Lagrange Point's Weightless?

(the following three tracks are meant to be matched with the three basic character classes: explorer, engineer, and scientist)

3. Exploration Theme
Something energetic that suggests exploring a new world. Metroid's Brinstar Theme is along the lines of what I was thinking or even the NES M.U.L.E. theme.

4. Engineering Theme
Something mechanical, suggesting industry. I couldn't find anything yet as an example. I was sure there was a Megaman boss with a theme like this, but I haven't found it yet (if it exists).

5. Science Theme
Something kind of upbeat and hopefully. Duck Tale's Moon Theme is the only example that I can find.

(the following three themes are meant to be played in regions that have are at the appropriate level of terraforming)

6. Red Theme
Godzilla's Mars Theme or even the Saturn Theme. This is to be played in areas that have not been terraformed at all. This is probably the music that will be drilled into people's heads the most. The player will be doing a lot of exploring, gathering, and only a little bit of fighting to this music.

7. Green Theme
Godzilla's Earth Theme. This is to be played in areas that have been terraformed to the Green level (the middle level).

8. Blue Theme
This is to be played when the player is on a beach, on the water, or under the water. I like how understated (at times) the Jaws Overworld Theme is for this.

(these last five are for special areas and are not related to the level of terraforming)

9. Desert Theme
For play on the field in desert regions. Something like SMB3's Desert Theme, but a bit more 'mature' and less grating when listened to for a fairly long time.

10. Polar Theme
For play on the field in polar/ice regions. Something like SMB3's Ice Theme, but, again, a bit more 'mature' and less grating when listened to for a fairly long time.

11. Cave Theme
For play when the player is in a cave area. Should be somewhat minimalistic, perhaps like a stripped down version of Crystalis' Cave Theme crossed with a slower Dig Dug theme? Gezora's Theme from Godzilla is probably even closer to what I am envisioning.

12. Pyramid/Precursor Theme
This will play when the player explores the ruins of a precursor structure, most of which are pyramids. Something along the lines of FF1's Chaos Temple Theme but slower and more mysterious?

13. Colony Theme
This will play when the player is inside of a colony and (if I decide to add this part) during the prologue back on Not-Earth. Lagrange Point's Satellite Base is almost spot on for what I am thinking. Easy listening, sense of safety and calm.
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