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Serin Fate 616x353_new.png

This is my game I've been making for quite some time (this is the 3rd year of development).
I'm proud of it, and I think its pretty awesome!! :D

I started with no development skills and began learning to code GML in this forum, so big thanks to a bunch of you that have helped me, or motivated me in some way.
@Nocturne @IndianaBones @True Valhalla @flyingsaucerinvasion @FrostyCat @TsukaYuriko @RichHopefulComposer @Yal and many others.

SF entered Early Access on Steam March 10th (Alpha), I would love to have feedback from people in the community. Thanks for viewing!

SF Discord:

SF Twitter:

SF Website :

Dev Twitter:

SF Steam:

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Samuel Venable

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Well, I'm glad you are proud of it. Because you definitely should be. I wish I had the patience to make a game with this much depth put into it. 3 years is a long time to work on a game. I'm glad you stuck with it all this time. Looks like a really good game.


Hey all, I'm running a free weekend key giveaway dealio, if anyone wants to give Serin Fate a go!
Would love to have you play and get some feedback :)

Just swing by the link here to get your key:


Thanks :)
More attention here in the forums? I'm not too worried either way.
Showing off a game to other game devs isn't the same as showing to general gamers I feel like.


Hey, yeah!
I definitely want to branch out languages, platforms, and stores - All those localizations will happen at full release, which is on track for 2021.
For now, just Windows unfortunately.
This looks great, man! And it's obvious there's a huge amount of work put into it. Good stuff.
I love the weird atmosphere in the latest clip, too. That music is grooving, and that lava dude is just working, hahah. Rad! =D


That's pretty cool.. I started making a game yesterday.. and the day before.. and the day before that.. and before that.

Anyways.. Nice looking thing ya got there! Congrats on getting it on Steam.. and the damn front page at that too! Very, very, very nice!



@Repix Thanks man. Yeah even getting SF on Steam is still kinda surreal. I totally understand the distraction of new ideas... I personally avoid game jams for this reason, ahhh but they're so fun :(

Just read your sig 😂 sick gains!! 💪
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I been BUSY!! :D

Main additions:
- Tutorial
- Extensive Options
- More story
- New spells
- Whole new Biome
- 20 New Chimera (10 Storm, 10 Moon)
- Hardmode
- More NPC interactions
- New mechanics
- Fate Crystals
- Chimera breeding
- New enemies
- New Equipable Items
- New Placeable Items
- New Misc Items
- Balance
- Faster/better saving
- Interal dev-note/announcement display
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