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Android Close a game on Android device


I have made a game,created an apk file and installed it on my phone.It plays perfectly but I was wondering what code do you use to close a game on an Android device.


Firehammer Games
The truth is...you don't. As I understand it, on both iOS and Android, you are not supposed to actually close the apps. Rather, the user/system handles it. The user can easily use the home button, etc... to switch to other things, and then over time, either they will close the app manually, or the OS will do it. That's actually part of the rules of those OS's and is why game_end() doesn't work there. The manual page explains what happens, though it doesn't actually explain the reasons behind it. I'm sure a google search, or even a search on these forums, will lead to better answers, as I've seen this topic come up before.