Legacy GM Client reads 6th buffer incorrectly (possible engine error?)


I've pinned down a strange issue while writing buffers, that seems to be out of reach for me to solve. I have 10 buffers being written from server to client to load content onto the client by specifying static and then dynamic contents' data. Everything is transferred correctly EXCEPT the 6th buffer; for some reason 6th buffer's data is received by the client as the 10th buffer's data, even though I am not writing the information of the 10th buffer to the 6th buffer on the server side, as it is clearly visible from the console log:



The first buffer is an "s8" type that is read before all to determine which "case" of code needs to run when information is received from the server, as is typically done, the next 9 buffers are data.

I added "REEEEEE" for both client and server to be shown in console log to make sure that this console log isn't coming from anywhere else.

This issue is stopping my code from working and/or preventing me solving any other issues ahead of this one. If this is indeed an engine issue, it would be great if this could be fixed asap. If need be, I can provide any additional information that you think may be relevant to this.

In case of this being an engine issue and not being solvable until an update, how would you recommend I structure my code? I need dynamic object information separated in some way because dynamic object data is re-read and re-written as those objects are dynamic.


@The-any-Key oh, thank you :D

Will check if this will solve the issue, though it should. Sometimes it's hard to spot a problem when you're "spaghetti" coding.