Click does multiples actions


Hello there

Given you have multiple obj on the screen (draw in draw gui or draw)
How do you manage to execute only one action on a click on obj with the same location ? (or click box)

In my case when i click a tower (it's a tower defense game)
A gui layer display options and you can upgrade the tower but ithere is another tower under the upgrade button.
So if you click on the button the tower will upgrade and after that you selecte the other tower, it's kind of a pain ?

Should i manage this with an alarm ? (set some alarm value to a low value like 1 or 2 and donot take actions if this alarm > 0 ?)


make it so that you cant interact with the tower if the upgrade button is showing
if !instance_exists(obj_upgrade_button) {
   if mouse_check_button_pressed(mb_left) {
      //upgrade stuff