Windows Clarrot's Invasion



So I partnered with a new friend to challenge ourselves to make a game in 1 week or less. And well, today is day 7, which we decided was release date.

There were challenges in that we both have mental health issues to confront with programming and/or communications. I sort of taught him a few new things, as he is new to GML.

I did the art, and he did 90% of the systems in game with GML.

I also did the music score, the sounds were from freesounds.

The game is free to play.

You are Clarrot, the Paladin Carrot. The planet is under attack and you are sworn to protect it. You have to plan your moves carefully and defeat the enemy. Should you succeed or fail is up to you and your stats.

It's all point and click. If you get stuck, there is a butterfly on the right side you can click for advice/tips and he may tell you a joke. Turn based system, grid locked movement/combat.

Technical details:
Made in GM 1.4x and with Gimp, Finale 26 and audacity.




Kind of your own game jam. It’s good to work with new people. Great learning exercise in game development and life.