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iOS Clarification about requirements for iOS developing


Hi all. I didn't understand exactly what version of macOS/Xcode i need to develop for iOS. Based on this article it seems i need Xcode 11 and macOS 10.14. So, while developing for macOS (desktop) requires only High Sierra, for iOS is not enough. I understand correctly?

Actually i have a MacBook with High Sierra, the game works compiled for macOS, but for iOS there are no signal. Also i don't see the simulator devices of Xcode.


You already linked the page that has the answers to your questions, and yes they have different requirements.

For MacOS:
  • Xcode 11 support requires GMS2 2.2.4+ and macOS Mojave 10.14.4+
  • Xcode 10 support requires GMS2 2.2.0+ and macOS High Sierra 10.13.6+.
  • If you're trying to use an older version of GMS2 or macOS, you will need to update.
For simply playing GMS2 games: OS X 10.9 or later is required for AppStore games and OS X 10.7 or later is required for non-AppStore games. All games are 64bit-only.
For iOS:
  • Requires Xcode 11 to build all projects, which requires macOS Mojave 10.14.4 or newer
  • Please note that whilst Xcode 11 will still build projects targeting iOS 9 or older, Apple doesn't support anything older than iOS 10, these devices often can't access the AppStore so there's no real commercial need to do work to support them, and in order to submit to the AppStore you need to support all the newer iOS versions... So please don't test using only old devices!
For simply playing GMS2 games: iOS 10.0 or above, tvOS 12.0 or above, iPadOS 13.0 or above. All games are 64bit-only.