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Since the previous forums been archived and is read only and to celebrate the recent opening of the new one,
I'm going to make a new thread here along with what's been
happening since the last time I've made a post about this.

For anyone who doesn't know, CJ's Maze Escape is a 2D Maze Adventure game with graphics and music being similar to the NES, In fact, Being Accurate to the NES' Limitations is one of the accomplishments of this project, Being made using actual NES tools as well, Mostly Famitracker, YY-CHR and NESST.

The objective is to guide the polar bear named "CJ" to escape though the maze back to
his home after he's been captured by an evil organisation called the "Ninja Bears".

The Project is a Remake (or Demake) of an Old Game Maker game made by HotelBrando back
in early 2008 titled "CJ the Game: The Cookie Maze". It is being made collaborated with
the original creator and it'll be a major improvement to the old game.

Recently Developed Screenshots

What's Happening Now? (24/10/16)
As you can see from the Title and Ad Image,
After over a year of development, CJ's Maze Escape has finally
gotten a release date and will be released on Game Jolt!
The Extra Week will be used to Finalize everything, Make a New Trailer, etc.
As mentioned above, Once the game is released, This Thread will no longer be updated and
a New Thread will be made on the "Made with Game Maker" Forum.
As also mentioned under the news, After the game is completed,
A new, final demo will be released.

Old News (15/08/16)
Been a while since I've last updated this, I apologise for the lack of news.
However, I am happy to announce that All Programming Features are Completed and
All Noticeable Bugs have been wiped out. Now all it's left is the Music and SFX, After that,
It'll be play-tested by a couple of people to finalise the game.

Old News (23/06/16)
The Game is actually nearly finished! All I have to do is Program a boss, Finish some
Music and SFX, Fix some bugs and pretty much playtest everything from start to finish.
I am hoping for a July release, Otherwise, Somewhere later this year.

© Famicuber 2016
CJ the Polar Bear © HotelBrando
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It's pretty enjoyable so far. The music, graphics, and sfx are all top-notch and feel accurate. I have some minor reserves about the gameplay as presented in the demo:
Everything is grid-based except player movement. While I'm generally fine with this, it makes going into some 1-tile corridors more of a pain than it should be. The style of movement in MOTHER/Earthbound Beginnings for the NES had tile-based movement with diagonals that this game might benefit from.
You can't restore health. Granted, this is more of a problem of me being not as good as the game as I could be.
Enemies are all RNG-based. I'm pretty neutral to this. Maybe it's that it gives me horrible flashbacks to NPCs in Final Fantasy 1 that wouldn't move out of the way so I could shop.
Coin collection isn't fluid. This may be a side effect of the non-tile-based movement, but sometimes I would walk through a stash of coins and some would be left behind. It doesn't happen immediately, so it lacks a satisfying level of feedback. If playing sounds over other sounds is an issue, perhaps stop the sound from playing and start a new effect whenever another coin is collected.

Also, I found one glitch. While walking up against this corner wall, I was still able to receive damage from ninjas.

Keep up the great work, and I hope you'll be able to reach your release target on time!


downloaded and played the demo.

i really like the whole retro, Commodore 64'sh, feel to the game and the music and sound fit perfectly and take me right back to my early years of gaming.

things i noted while playing :

- the collisions with the coins feels a bit off to me. you hitting them but not collecting them unless you are in the right spot.
- the character moves twice as fast when moving diagonally.
- whilst i love the music it would be nice to have some variety.
- also some variation to the maze walls.

over all i really liked it and will give it a look when it is finished.
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