City Strike - an arcade style city-builder with destruction


*For some reason it won't let me upload images or screenshots to the thread. It just perpetually says "Loading Image" or "Uploading" nonstop, even when left for 20 minutes. If anyone could help me get this updated I would greatly appreciate it. Until then I have attached the images as files below*

Welcome to my work-in-progress City Strike! It is an isometric city-builder with some rogue-lite elements. You build a city, defend a city, and destroy a city! The construction is fairly straight forward with three main types of tiles: Residential, Industrial and Commercial. Each one affecting the others in some way. With the addition of Monuments and Power Plants the gameplay becomes more diverse and unique each time you play. Weapons will also be earned or purchased and used to destroy your city during that phase of the game. You will be scored and rated based on how well you construct, as well as destruct, your city earning you rewards and unlocks for future use. Right now there are planned to be three main game modes, only one of which I have revealed and worked out in great detail. For more information I have set up a game page on and a Twitter for smaller and more timely updates. So please check it out and let me know what you think! My main focus right now is putting together a playable demo. It's getting there but I still need to iron out a few features.

City Strike project page: City Stike
Twitter: @BrandoParmelee

I have also included a gameplay video below. It shows the core construction of your city, minus the use of Monuments and Destruction(except at the end). I have sped it up to allow you to see the way the player progresses in greater detail. Please let me know what you think and feel free to comment or like any of the content you see. Your visits and interaction will help me a great deal, not only to get noticed, but to improve my project based on your feedback. Thanks for checking it out and I hope to show you more progress soon!



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