Demo Citadel Stormer 2 | Action Platformer [Contains DEMO!]


Could you post the original 16 colors avatar? I’d like to try something.
May I ask why? 🤔

Because I'll have to dig up that particular avatar file and I don't even know if I've saved it. I just made it to use as an avatar on GMC and twitter.

But the first 2 screenshots in the top post contain an accurate representation of the avatars original colors. They are print-screened from the game and have all their colors.


Well, I thought I'd give a running animation a try with your current avatar. It's up to you though!
I'll have to look for my current avatar image with it's original colors. But I think I just gave it an outline and saved it as a jpeg to use as an avatar here. But you can take the avatar from the 1st post if you want to try to animate it! Just delete the colors around it. They're high res pngs so all the colors are intact.


I'll let you find the original avatar 😋.

Something else I wanted to mention:
Health Bar.png Less saturation, more contrast.
Health Bar_2.png Bars
Health Bar_3.png Biggers bars, gradient from low health to high health, numbered health. The number looks off and the colors could be better but you get the idea. I also added a darker color for the background of the meter.

Health Bar_4.png You could also go for a 3Dish meter although I'm not happy with this one but figured I'd share it since I did it anyway. I looked at some reference pictures for Assault Rifles ammo but it looks too much like a missile in my take but oh well.

I found the health bar hard on the eyes due to the high saturation and low contrast. I'm generally not very keen on highly saturated colors so take this with a grain of salt.

I also find that a solid bar might leave the player unsure of how much health is left.

In Castlevania: Symphony of the Night the magic bar has both the bar and a number.

Just some suggestions.

You've included numbers for both the amount of bullets and the lives left but no numbers for health.

Have you considered either adding a number or having a way for the player to sort of determine how much health is left? Personally (as a player) I would find the current health bar a bit off putting in the sense that I wouldn't know how many more hits I can take.

Another way is to go Ninja Gaiden with little boxes or bars.