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Hi people. I have been composing for 10 years on and off, more recently a lot more on. I am classically trained, and have one semester of Music Theory in college, and one of Music Theory AP in Highschool, as well as Orchestra for 6 years.




my full portfolio can be found on soundcloud.


if you are interested in having me make some music for your game, email me @ leonsandcastle_sh @ outlook . com

My rates are fairly low for 1-2 minutes of loopable music with few voices. The more voices and/or time, the more I have to ask for because that involves more time on my end getting to sound just right. I use Finale 2014, which means if you need manuscript, that is not a problem, I can export to PDF, and can also send individual parts if desired. I allow as many edits or requests for changes as you desire, without an additional cost.

Thank you all, have a wonderful day.


I have updated my TOS. I charge a minimum of 5$ a finished minute and 7$ per additional minute of finished music. This is my new portfolio. https://soundcloud.com/user-290737884
I use Finale 26, with Noteperformer 3 to render phono realistic orchestrations as wav, and then in Mixcraft 9 recording studio I render mastered to .ogg files.

my new email is musicamlanguage @ yahoo.com

I can be reached on discord: Chameleon Comedian#8100