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Steam Chronicon - Hack'n'slash Action RPG [Now with Gifs!]



Hey guys!

So I've been working on this game for some time now.. well, over 2 years actually. I figured I'd start some kind of devlog and show what I'm doing on here. Updates will likely be quite irregular, though!
It's out on Steam Early Access if you want to take a closer look.

Anyway, here's my game:

Game Summary
You play as one of 4 heroes...

The Templar

A strong and noble warrior, the Templar has great skill with her sword and shield, and may summon the holy powers of the Light, using Physical, Lightning, Fire, and Holy damage. While a highly defensive class, having a lot of resistances and absorption and healing skills, she can still deal a ton of damage.

The Berserker

A killing machine and brute, gets up close to punch his foes in the face. Enhances his blows with the powers of his Dragonkin and Frostborn ancestors, using Physical, Fire, Frost, and even Lightning damage. The berserker is primarily an offensive class, but has a high health regeneration and mobility, allowing for high survivability.

The Warlock

A powerful magic caster, using the power of death itself to deal Frost, Poison, Fire, and Shadow damage to his foes. May also summon foul beasts to do his bidding. While a very strong offensive class, he has few defenses except the ability to Teleport and slow down his foes, and as such must always keep his range.

The Warden

A protector of nature, uses her bow and nature magic to slay her foes. She may call upon great storms, and even the forest itself, to deal Physical, Lightning, Frost, and Poison damage. She may also call upon various beasts to aid her in combat. Much like the Warlock, she is also highly offensive and must keep at range. She can slow, trap, and tumble away from her foes to keep her distance.

Each class (Hero) also has 4 different skill trees to spend skill points in to acquire new skills & perks!

..And as these Heroes, you go through a great trial, re-living past conquests of the Heroes of Old. These Heroes of Old fought and destroyed all known evil long ago, so while the world is at peace, champions are selected to re-live it all to honor them. This is done via the Chronicon, which is a great magical machine, and also the "town" hub of the game.

Creepy dungeons..

The Chronicon is connected to the souls and memories of the Heroes of Old, and uses fragments of these to create a rough estimate of the battles they fought, hence the entire game is procedurally generated (zones, monster/champions, loot, etc).

There are currently 3 worlds, or Acts as I call them, and I am currently working on the 4th. The final game will feature 5 Acts. Each Act features its own unique setting, 4 large boss fights, around 15 major areas, and many optional areas.

Such action!

Inside these areas you'll also find Crystals (the pink thing seen near top center above), which is used as a currency. These Crystals are actually memory fragments, which the people in The Chronicon will trade for equipment, goods, and services. (The lore on this is that The Crystals are used to fuel and put together new memories into new areas inside the Chronicon.)

Once you have beaten the current content, there is also an endless dungeon available, which will get progressively more difficult for each floor you clear. Every third floor features a small boss fight and a large chest full of epic loot!

Not to mention that the entire game is filled with loot! Chests, breakable objects, bosses, and random Champion enemies will spew loot at you like there's no tomorrow! Over 500 different items of 6 different rarities are currently in the game, along with special item sets which will grant additional powers once collected!

Open it!

The game also features local multiplayer for up to 4 players!

Currently working on..
I am currently working on the 4th Act, and the revamped (and soon massive) skill trees! I am also working on a few new mechanics, such as being able to "reforge" equipment by changing their stats.
I will post updates on the skills as soon as the icons are done!

I'll keep you posted :)


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Moon Goat

Looks amazing!!! A bit like a cross between Hero Siege and Cross-Code!


I made a quick little video with some of the new skills, and showing the new Mastery system, which is basically endless progression!
(The Mastery system is the skill tree I put points in, in the video)



I am pretty much done with the Templar character now; just need to add some more items to make endgame more interesting, things like that.
Next up is the Berserker character, which is a lot of fun and at the same time also very difficult to design for.. but it should turn out good, I hope!

I will be sharing some gameplay gifs of the Berserker once I make decent progress, but in the meantime I really wanted to share this illustration of the Templar!

Drawn by my friend and colleague Jericho who also does 90% of the pixel work!


Dayum, I go down the works-in-progress forum... So many awesome projects! This one looks great guys! How's early access treating you? :)


It's all very good - building a great community and getting tons of feedback! :)


I've just added in the updated Berserker skill trees!
He now has over 200 skills to pick and choose from :)

He was the most simple and also most boring class to play, because it was all so bland - mostly punching skills.
So I wrote a bit of lore, explaining his powers and background. This in turn allowed me to create much more diverse, interesting, and cool skills and abilities!

I will publish the finished lore at a later time, but the basic idea is that he is a descendant from the ancient Dragon Tribes.

Here's a bit of a summary:
These tribes worshiped and served the dragons, building and maintaining temples and shrines, as well as guarding their hatcheries. In turn, the dragons granted them a sliver of their own powers, as a symbol of trust and simply so they would make better guards. The dragons were divided into Fire, Frost, and Lightning dragons, and there was a tribe of humans living with each of these broods. There was also a fourth tribe, serving all of the broods as a security force of sorts. The Dragons have long since left the world, in a great event known as The Departure, but descendants of the tribes still walk the earth, training and preparing for their return. This has led to the tribes mixing. And as such their offspring, while not as powerful as the original tribesmen, has all of the dragon lines in their heritage.

The Fire Dragon tribe was known as the Dragonkin Tribe. The Fire Dragons, except for a select few, did not possess flight, and was by many humans mistaken as Demons. Their temperament and aggressive behavior did not help them, and they were largely hunted and killed out of fear. The few remaining Fire Dragons left in The Departure, and the remnants of the Dragonkin Tribe were also hunted for their likeliness to the Dragons. Very few, if any at all, survived.

The Frost Dragon tribe was known as the Frostborn Tribe. They lived in the highest snowy mountain peeks with their Dragon masters, being the final line of protection to The Path To The Skies, where the Lightning Dragons roamed freely. This tribe lived mostly undisturbed, simply due to the remoteness and harsh climate of their homes.

The Lightning Dragon tribe was known as the Sky Lords. The Lightning Dragons were by far the most elegant and powerful. Considered royalty by the other Dragons, they ruled the skies. However their hatcheries were on down on the mortal soil, and as such the Sky Lords lived in the more soft climate mountains, guarding and raising the young royal Dragons until they were ready to climb The Path To The Skies.

The fourth tribe were simply called The Guardians, and they were in charge of protecting the many tempels and shrines dedicated to the dragons, as well as many hidden hatcheries. This tribe rare interacted with the Dragons themselves, and beside their superhuman strengths granted by the Dragons, they were the most human of the tribes.

Anyway, update announcement and patch notes can be found here!

Simon Gust

Hey, neat game, currently watching a streamer play it. He seems to like it. Are there any plans implementing online coop?


Thanks! No plans for online stuff.
I completely neglected this post so I should probably update it, a lot has happened in the past year!