UWP Christmas Game


Action packed educational game to teach young students how to spell MERRY CHRISTMAS.
Harder skill levels will challenge gamers of all ages.
This FREE PC game runs on most Windows PCs.

Windows 10 Microsoft App Store Link
Windows XP,Vista, 7, 8 Link

1) Exciting arcade action!
2) Free with NO ads!
3) Made by a veteran teacher with a Masters Degree in Education
4) Practice and Test modes
5) Crystal clear voices
6) Made with Game Maker Studio

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Hey, i tried your game.

What a perfect time for some educational christmas games! 🎅

Things got quite hectic on that level 3. Levels seemed to be in multiple parts. I didnt really like that you had to play first part of level again if you failed on second.
I think you could add some kind of audio option.

That scream when you took damage always scared me. :D
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Thanks for the feedback...Yes, there are 3 different games and one of the games has 3 different levels (Easy Medium Hard)...
The Easy level is for younger students...I made the Harder level for older gamers who wanted a real challenge.
The video above shows how to beat the hardest level.