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GMS 2.3+ Child room not updating

New to parent/child rooms so please forgive me if I'm being stupid..

After creating a child room I have two issues:

If I delete an instance via the room editor from the parent room, it is still showing up in the child room as an instance under Layer Properties, but with a question mark.
If I click the Layer Properties button twice it goes away, but this is rather annoying. screenshot.png

If I draw any new tiles in the parent room I would expect them to display in the child room, but this is not the case.
The child room has the inherit button checked in Layer Properties for the tile layer.
The child room only displays what was initially in the parent room (before I created the child room).

Am I missing something?


nope. you hit the same problem as me.

i would like to point out that my camera and viewports are set to smaller 480x360 settings.

Ive also have found when clicking "inherit" on the child's tile layer, that the grid of the viewing port start to a higher setting
and then clicking inhernt button AGAIN finally gets my child to the correct 480x360 grid setting, but still no update from parent. :-(

ive gone back as far as SEPTEMBER of last year(2020) and have found similar bugs from people.
They just decided not to use room inherit in their projects BUT its something I was counting on.

I was seriously thinking of sinking more money into Gamemaker Studio as a developer when the time
rolled around BUT this has made me rethink it. While a small issue, and its been around for 6+ months
kindof makes me think differently about putting more money into Gamemaker Studio.


@shrunkenmaster @troyleenall
Have either of you submitted a bug report about the issue and provided a small example project and/or reproduction steps?
If not you should do, it won't get fixed if it doesn't get reported.

Use Help > Report a Bug in the IDE and fill out the form.

If you've already made a report then login and check the status of your ticket and follow up on it if it's been a long time with no reply from support.