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Beta CHESS THE BESS, action chess


Robin Gherghetta


DOWNLOAD v0.2 Windows

You play against another player, on a huge map like board, using all the regular pieces of chess as well as one new piece that only moves when it is your opponents turn. These new "miners" can't capture any pieces, but mines crystals, enabling you to buy new pieces. So the longer you take to finish your turn, the more your opponent will have mined.

Pawns can be "boobytrapped", exploding when captured. Or turned into cannons, that fire if any opposing pieces moves infront of them.

Miners can be turned into outposts, making it possible for you to buy new pieces at an advanced position.

Use "ALT" and the mouse to move around. Scroll to zoom. Select pieces with mb_left, and show options for pieces (pawns and miners) with mb_right

It's multiplayer only, online only, if you wanna play me shoot me an email: gherghetta@gmail.com
If you just wan't to see how it works you could open two intsnaces of the executable and connect to your own game

I've been working on this now for about a month and it's been really fun and I'd sure like to hear what anyone thinks.
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