Checking Instance Position Problem

Discussion in 'Programming' started by buhalda, Apr 1, 2017.

  1. buhalda

    buhalda Guest

    Instead of changing each individual wall, I made a code in the create event:

    depth = -y;
    image_speed = 0;

    if instance_place(16,0,obj_wall_template) && instance_place(-16,0,obj_wall_template)
    image_index = 0;

    if instance_place(16,0,obj_wall_template) && instance_place(0,-16,obj_wall_template)
    image_index = 1;
    and so on...
    Each wall is centered at 8,32 (size is 16x32) at the bottom. I want the code to check if there is a wall for example below 16 of it, and to the right 16 of it, and if those conditions are met, make the image changes so that its an L shaped wall instead of a straight one. But for some reason it doesn't do it. Not very sure which code to use, I've tried a few kinds, none worked. Help, am I using the wrong code? I'm bad at position checking...
  2. TheBroman90

    TheBroman90 Member

    Jun 20, 2016
    instance_place is used for getting an id from an instance. I think you should use place_meeting instead.
  3. buhalda

    buhalda Guest

    OK it works but with place_meeting instead, also I thought it was relative, apparently you have to put x+ before it
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