SOLVED Checking For Active (Drawn) Particles


Hello everyone.

The title pretty much sums up my issue/question.

I have the game paused and I don't want to unpause until a specific particle has completed its lifecycle (no more particles of that type are being drawn). So I want to use an if statement to check whether or not that particle is still being drawn. Sounds straight forward right?

I get that it all runs through the gpu and you can't have the particles interact with other elements of the game once they're drawn.

I THOUGHT that the "part_*_exists" functions would be the answer, but the documentation says that it instead checks to see if the variable given as an argument simply HAS a particle type assigned to it. Not if the particle is actively running (being drawn).

If i'm misreading this then I'll be excited to be wrong, but otherwise, any information would be much appreciated.

Thank you.


You control when the particles are created, and you can control how long they stick around using part_type_life. I think you have to do the tracking from there.


Could you not use the part_particiles_count to see if there are any particles in the room for the particle system and if there are 0 then do what you want to do?
There we go! I don't know how i missed that function! I'm pretty new to particle systems (never needed so many tiny sprites zipping by at once until now), but that is exactly what I need!