Legacy GM Check programs which are running?


As the title says, I want to check which programs are running in GML. I want this to check if Cheat Engine is running and if so, shutdown the game and tell the user to stop using Cheat Engine. Why? Because I'm using the GM Scoreboard site, and I don't want to fill up the fields with 999,999 because of people using Cheat Engine.


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There was this extension but it is naive to think that blacklisting a single cheating program by some criteria is going to stop everyone from cheating


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... and then the player renames the executable file.

The only effect your proposed solution has is to steal a couple of minutes of everyone who's trying to use Cheat Engine.

You will have to look for a different approach if your intention is to prevent cheating, such as verifying whether the player's gameplay can realistically result in their indicated score.