Asset - Project Character Creation Engine

This is a very module, powerful, and easy-to-use character Creator Engine that can be modified to fit any game you need. I've included a Google Doc tutorial as well, with screenshots in order to explain how to modify the engine to your needs.

You can edit the armor, boots, hair, helmet, head, body, etc of the character, as well as all of the colors. This can be expanded on to add anything else you want to be edited, as well as decreased if you only want 1 or 2 things the player can edit about the character.

Most changes are as simple as adding a few lines of code, and using my already made scripts. The google doc explains everything in detail.

This is great for anyone wanting to add a quick, full fledged, and modifiable character creator to their game. It is also great for any novice coders if they'd like to understand arrays, and how to abstract functions and code in order to be more modular and useful across many projects. This also includes a full menu system, which can help novice users dip their feet in working with menus.

This also includes a fairly simple state machine that will let the user see the animations of every state, which could also be useful code for a novice or beginner game developer and programmer to take a look at.

I have also made a google doc with detailed instructions about the engine and how to edit it, which you can find in a README object in the project