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Hello, I'm a skilled character concept artist who already work with various clients. Expect me to deliver artworks in good quality. Emotion changes price is $5 per set (usually 8 faces) and $5 for each hand changes (that's $5 per emotion change with change of hand gestures, not $10 for change of face and hand gestures). Weaponry is $5-$10 depends on complexity but if happens that it doesn't need much attention to detail it is free ($5-$10 is those weapon that is as large as the character itself, the weaponry the same with image is free of charge).


Note: A clarification for the emotion set(8 faces), by adding $5 from any of the "anime full color commission" I'll draw 7 other emotions. So a headshot emotion set is $15, bust shot emotion set is $17, waist-up emotion set is $20. It is NOT $5 per emotion but $5 for the whole set.

I only accept payment through paypal.

Sample head shot emotion set commission ($15)

emotion reference female2.png



I can also draw tiles for mapping even animate it.

Prices for tiles:

32X32 = $4

Add $2 every time you double the size of the pixel (double NOT multiply it). It means if you have two 32x32 that's either 32x64 or 64x32, the cost of it is $6 ($4+$2=$6). Make it double again to make 64x64 the cost is $8. Recolor is $1. Animating is $2 per frame regardless of the size but if happens that the animation is too simple it will be only $1.

Character sprite set (4 directions) with the size of 32x48 is $21, additional $2 if both sides are different to each other.

For inquiries, pm me here, reply to this post, or email me at matsudaryuu@gmail.com

To check more of my works just check my deviantart here: http://eadgear.deviantart.com/

Character sprites samples:

s1_ful.png sprite_gif.gif
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