GMS 2 Character Animation and Dialog Broken



Hello all,

My character animation was fine, (Four-directional, animating frames properly, pulling from a sprite sheet via a DS Grid.) but when I implemented a working depth system, my Animation broke!

The character is now stuck front facing and constantly looping through their animation. I'm using a draw_self(); function in the depth object, drawing the broken sprite behind/in front of an object according to y-position. Because my depth system is a parent of my player, it's Draw Event overrode my player's Draw Event that was handling the animation.

In addition to this, I have one other problem. Whenever I press the space key, (The interact_key I've assigned to activate my text box) an error message comes up, telling me there is an unassigned variable. The variable is located in a script, but I don't know why my player's Step event cannot access it.

I have parent hierarchies going on that confuse me a little bit, so the problem might be there.
I'm following FriendlyCosmonaut's Farming RPG tutorial on youtube, and it's been going well so far. I've tweeted her with these problems and I'm hopeful that anyone will be able to help me with these issues.

I would greatly appreciate your help. I'm making a Demo game for a dating sim I've designed for my BFA. My final is due in 4 weeks, so I need all the help you can provide!

Thank you so much.
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Hi. I have a question. Since you are new to using parent/children functions, are you declaring event_inherited in your player object events? Or did you override it?

You should not post your whole source code, but I would like to ask that you provide your code for the player and the depth objects as well as the script you are using so I may further assist you.
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