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Windows changing the dpi setting


I have a student that changed the dpi setting in GameMaker Studio 2 on one of my school computers. Now when you open GMS it opens to giant font and you cannot move around the screen - therefore I cannot reset it. I have tried updating GMS, removing it completely and reinstalling - even removing the GMS2 folder that games are stored in when run locally - but everytime I reinstall the setting remains the same. I thought maybe I could force it to reset by opening the preferences and hitting the tab key - I tried 25 times, then 26 times, then 27 times, nothing works. I need to know how to reset this without needing to go through the preferences. Where is this file saved on the computer so I can remove it? Please help!!!



have you tried C:\ProgramData\GameMakerStudio2\
there is a file named dpi_override.json I think that's the one responsible for that setting


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That second screenshot actually tells you how to fix the issue! The top right corner displays a message that if you click it will reset the DPi override settings. :)