Changing Sprites


Sion Grenet

I'm making a simple gravity-shifting 'auto-scroll' platformer (view follows a camera object not a player, player dies if out of view).

When I shift gravity so that I am walkng on the ceiling, the standing sprite of the player is inverted (up-side down) - but, the walking sprite remains the right way up as I have set it to change sprite when the right key is pressed. How can i make it so that when I press the right key when walking on the ceiling, it changes the sprite to the inverted walking sprite instead?

(The gravity shift is triggered by pressing two seperate buttons - one for going up-side down, and the other to go back to normal gravity)

Any help is much appreciated!


Seems like if you have gravity set you should be able to multiple all image_yscales by -1. (Or image_angles by 180)