GMS 2 Change Tileset grid size in rooms




English is not my primary language (and I'm feeling dumb with this question), but i cant find a way to set the size of my tile grid on the screen. When I create de tileset layer, the grid (for placing my tiles) always have the size of the room, but I want it to cover only half of that and centralized. How do I do this?



Take a look at this screenshot:

The tile size is defined when you create the tileset. If you just use a tile layer composed of sprites, the size of the tiles is adjusted by the first icon in the little floating toolbar at the top right (with the zoom icons).

To center the tiles, you can make use of the Layer Properties. Whe you click on the tile layer, one of the box under the layers should allow you to set an X/Y Offset. You'll have to manually calculate the right offset for your tiles to be centered.

I hope this answers your question!