Change skeletal animation using path_start


Hi, I use path_start and try to change animation set if(path_position > 0.8), but new animation set does not work, it freeze. Is it a limitation of GM2? How to avoid it?


The condition used to trigger an animation change can be anything you like - including a path_position check - as long as you are using the skeletal animation functions correctly to start the animation.

What I suspect is happening based on your less than descriptive post is that the animation is constantly being restarted every step when path_position is > 0.8 and so will appear to be stuck and not animating when in fact it is but it never gets to go past frame 0 before you reset it.

You will need to add a flag to your code to check whether the animation has already been started so that it isn't reset every step once path_start > 0.8.
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