GML Change resolution of VM while testing


So I wanted to test my android game in different resolutions and see how my system for scaling works, however when I was testing I saw that changing the size of the emulation window doesn't change "display_get_...", while doing this in another new proyect it works(It changes the display size). I don't know why is this but is has to be somethind related to configuration since I have even deleted everything in my proyect(A copy of it) and only left a room of width "1024" and an object to print the size of the display and it shows 1920 no matter how I change the size of the window.
Anyone knows whats happening?? I need to solve this to release my game.
I hear you guys, thanks!
EDIT: Okay; the problem just as stupid that I was using the size of the display, not the gui. I'll leave my conclusions with these my game post. Any moderator can delete this please. thanks
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