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Okay so people list all the bad features of GM2. And I hit the like. But then I realize....I do not like any of the bad features of GM2. I think it would make more sense to change the Like button to Agree.

Samuel Venable

Time Killer
I think this is interesting, because sometimes someone hits like just to be obnoxious when they obviously don't agree with the post. That being said, I don't think many people will agree with this thread even then. Like is a lot more commonly used on websites, and it means the same thing to a degree in the sense it will be rather obvious in most cases why a user hit the like button. (To be clear Jeff is not referring to the same thing I am talking about)...


For me the like button has many meanings.
  • Like (how ironic :D)
  • An acknowledgement of assistance
  • Agree
  • "Good work!"
Overall, the like button is a feeling of 'positivity' towards the post. Not really a hard concept to grasp.


Like is more versatile than agree. If someone posts an insightful piece of advice in the programming sub-forum I can learn from it and "like" it while agreeing doesn't seem right there because it comes across as if I already knew that.
Also, as Jeff mentioned, liking a joke makes more sense than agreeing with it.
And what Chance was hinting at, noone thinks you like the "bad" features of GMS2, if you did you would refute the post with your own counterpoint post. When you like the post it genuinely shows support for what that persons message was.


I'd like to suggest a ds_map of "emotions" ranging from slightly_perturbed to washing_my_hair tonight.

I've often perused these boards and wanted to click might_agree_slightly_but_don't_want_to_give_internet_points.

Make it happen!
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