change a window's dpi awareness after creation


Your Creator!
I'm working on a dll for game maker and I'm running into some issues.
I seems I can't change the dpi settings on an already created window.
Is this true or is there some workaround?

I've been using SetProcessDpiAwareness and SetThreadDpiAwarenessContext.
I was using c# but I don't mind switching to c++ if needed.

Thanks in advance.


Given MSDN's description of these calls, it certainly looks like that's the case.
MSDN article on SetProcessDpiAwareness said:
You must call this API before you call any APIs that depend on the dpi awareness. This is part of the reason why it is recommended to use the application manifest rather than the SetProcessDpiAwareness API. Once API awareness is set for an app, any future calls to this API will fail. This is true regardless of whether you set the DPI awareness in the manifest or by using this API.