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Question - IDE chancing the order of shaders in resource tree affects in-game application of them

I've 8 shaders in my project so far, used to have 2 more that I wasnt using anymore so I deleted them, on the next compile, rendering was messed up. it's a 3d project and I'm using couple of surfaces as FBO's and I've bind some keys to save them for me. I've the file they're saved in open in my secondary monitor and I can see that they're applied on wrong surfaces. when I go back to IDE and change the order of the shaders again and run the game, save those surfaces I can see that they're applied on different surfaces than last time. I cant seem to be finding the correct order, clearing the cache and restarting the IDE doesnt help either.

so I've been able to reproduce it in my system, basically creating 2 shaders, setting them 2 different places and then chancing their order in the resource tree causing them to get called from wrong places until you retype the line that you call them, weird one I know, but try not to imagine a tinfoil hat over my head please.
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