Free Chameleon Swing: Open Beta [iOS|Android]



Chameleon Swing

Chameleon Swing is the endless tongue flinger for Mobile.
Swing through the Madagascan rainforest-- NOT with rope, NOT with vines, BUT WITH TONGUE!

Chameleon Swing Beta is available to play on Google Play!
Click on the button to start playing:


Guide Camill Chameleon from branch to branch, clocking up metres and snacking on bugs to gain new powers.
Meanwhile, you must desperately avoid falling too low or soaring too high, for the cunning croc and the crazed eagle lie in wait.
Let's not forget those pesky lemurs, who knows what mood they'll be in. Stay clear or prepare to be chucked into the jaws of death!
  • Pen and ink art style
  • Crazy tongue physics
  • Rolling dice for abilities before each run
  • Daily challenges with global high scores
  • Optionally donate to conservation charities to protect our environment and wildlife


Chameleon Swing will be out in August for Open Beta on iOS/Android.
After the open beta, the game will be released as free-to-play.
Watch out for a link here in the next few weeks.

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We like to blog about our progress (and the occasional random jokes!) as we get nearer
to that light at the end of the game dev tunnel.
We're trying to get that elusive first game done, so any words of wisdom would help guys :)

Here's our latest blog posts:
(if you don't fancy a read, there's plenty of pictures in there too)

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Chameleon Swing Beta — Play for Free on Google Play

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Easy to Learn Difficult to Master - Development Update for June

Turning a Cartoon Crocodile into a Cold-Blooded Killer!

Turning a Cartoon Crocodile into a Cold-Blooded Killer!

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This definitely looks like a fun toilet game. I'll check it out sometime soon.


Hey guys, thanks for the comments ^^

You will be able to try it out in the next few days! Just click on the BIG Sign Up button above so I can send you the download links as soon as they're available. (Testflight/HockeyApp)
Very cool, man. I just had a quick go and it was a lot of fun. No issues or errors or anything but I only played for about 5 minutes. Will play some more later.


Love the coloured pencil look. Was it actually drawn with real pencils, or did you use photoshop brushes?
Thank you Geoff!

It's all drawn and coloured with real Biro pens and scanned in. A lot of the original colour tends to get lost though, so we always adjust the contrast/saturation etc in GIMP to make it pop more.
I think it would make the process a lot quicker and better next time if we had some super duper scanner that retained the quality of the original drawings!

Example of a scanned in drawing that's then brightened up with GIMP:

Hey, man. Still play this semi-regularly(think I have a high score or two in the top ten), still a fun little game.
Though after a large Android update the other day it comes up with a warning that it was built with an earlier Android version and it runs a bit sluggish now :(