Alpha Chalulu Adventures 3rd Public Showcase


The Green Dev

I've added many things!
  • Enemies (Yes it's obviously a galoomba :p)
  • Health
  • Lives
  • HUD
  • Room Borders
  • Made Chalulu slightly faster
  • Changed wall jump animation
  • Added dust for when Chalulu starts moving and when Chalulu is running
  • Different level start
  • Changed sounds (placeholder)
And I've fixed some things too!
  • Backwards Wall jumping (caused clipping and teleporting up)
  • Replaced collision to be more reliable
The music is placeholder

Here are screenshots:
enemies.PNG getready.PNG damage.PNG dead.PNG
The only attack is the slide move so far.


Feel free to report bugs and say what you think down there v v v :banana:


Its all cool but there are rules on this forum. 2 of which you clearly don't get right now.
You don't create a thread about your game each time you update it. You continue the same thread.
And you don't bump your thread within the same 48 hours.


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Hi there! Yo currently have THREE topics for your game when everyone else is fine with just one... that's a bit unfair, and not how this forum works, so I've closed the other two and would request that you maintain just this one and update the post and topic title as you go adding things to your game. ;)